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Chorus/flanger designed especially for bass

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Have you ever used a stereo chorus on a bass sound and ended up with a muddy bottom end swimming all over the place?

Bass Chorus can avoid that problem by separating the bass and treble frequencies, where you set the cutoff frequency. The effect is only applied to the treble portion, which is then mixed back with the bass for output.


Download the DirectX version of Bass Chorus now (841k).

Download the VST (Windows) version of Bass Chorus now (543k)

   NB: This is a 32-bit plugin. If you are using a 64-bit host app, you will need a bitbridge. I recommand jBridge.

   NB: This plugin may not work at sample rates of 192 KHz. I recommend using sample rates of 96 KHz or below.

(Cubase users: use this Mono->Stereo version if you want it to appear in the send effects list for mono tracks.)

They're completely free.

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More info: Bass Chorus User Notes.

Need help installing? Check out Installation Notes.
Will it run under your audio host? Check out Compatibility Notes.

Screen-reader friendly version for blind users available here.

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Change history:
17 January 2007: Version 2.3a - fix cosmetic problem when displayed on "Large Fonts" (120 DPI) displays
24 April 2006: Version 2.3
    * New skin
2 March 2004: Version 2.2b - fixed potential problem with mono-stereo version
16 March 2003: Version 2.2a - fixed problems with VST versions under WaveLab and Logic
11 March 2003: Version 2.2
    * Fixed problems in VST version with presets not updating display controls
    * Fixed problems in DirectX version under Sound Forge
27 October 2002: Version 2.1a - minor cosmetic fix for Windows XP
18 May 2002: Version 2.1
   * Better CPU behaviour processing silence
4 October 2001: Version 2.0!
    * Faster performance
    * Runs under more host platforms
8 September 2001: VST versions: fix problems running under WaveLab
   (possibly other Steinberg platforms also, possibly introduced in previous Logic bug fix).
30 August 2001: VST versions: fix problems running under Logic.
26 August 2001: VST versions: added Mono->Stereo version for Cubase convenience.
25 August 2001: VST versions: partial fix for problems under Logic.
20 July 2001: Version 1.2 released, fixed W2K bug
July 2001: Version 1.1 released, improved graphics, DirectX / VST
April 2001: Version 1.0 released, VST only


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