Plugin Compatibility

These notes summarise the testing I have done on Clone Ensemble, Alien Solo, Bass Chorus and the rest of the plugin family, as well as reports I have received from users. Please contact me if you disagree with anything or would like to add something.

In particular, some of these documented incompatibilies may disappear as new versions are released. As a small shareware/freeware developer I am only able to test on a limited number of platforms, so I am grateful for the testing and patience of you the users. Don't be afraid to try out some combination just because it's advised against here. I'd love to hear from you and change a "does not work" to "now works fine"!

Ableton Live

The VST versions of my plugins work under Live, but with Alien Solo you must use the special stereo version.


A user has reported that the VST versions do not operate correctly, they keep reverting to the original settings.
However the DirectX versions work fine.

Acoustica Mixcraft 7

The VST versions of my plugins run under the 32-bit version of Mixcraft 7, but some of them will crash if used on projects running at a sample rate of 192 KHz.
You will need to add your VST plugins folder by choosing:
    File / Preferences / Plugins / Edit VST/VSTi Folders

Acoustica Mixcraft 9 Pro 64-bit

A user has reported that Clone Ensemble runs under this 64-bit version DAW, without the need for a bit-bridge or adapter. The devs must have integrated their own seamlessly.

AVS Audio Editor

Unfortunately, my plugins do not run under AVS Audio Editor. Testing was last performed on version 4.2.
On 6 May 2009 AVS informed me that they would not be providing any assistance on this issue.


Audacity is a free audio multitrack production app. From version 1.3.8 onwards, you should be able to run the VST versions of my plugins in full GUI mode.
For earlier versions, you need to download and install the "VST Bridge" in order to run the VST versions. However, you will only be able to use a "default" interface, with generic sliders provided by Audacity rather than the graphical interface with knobs that most users see.


A user has reported that the VST versions of my plugins work fine in Adobe Audition.

Cakewalk / SONAR / Music Creator

Most of the testing I have done on these plugins, (both the DirectX and VST versions) was under Cakewalk Pro Audio 9.0 and SONAR 1.3. The DirectX versions run fine, as do the VST versions, but they require an adapter (see below).

Clone Ensemble and Bass Chorus will only process stereo data, but you can still apply them to a mono track since under most circumstances Cakewalk/SONAR will perform the conversion automatically. If you have a mono effect chained before Clone Ensemble, Alien Solo or Bass Chorus, this can interfere with Cakewalk's conversion, and you may get the "unsupported format" message.

SONAR manages to overcome this difficulty, so maybe it's time to upgrade! However, SONAR has a greater appetite for RAM than CPA9, and Clone Ensemble, Alien Solo and Bass Chorus also use quite a bit. A couple of users have reported "disk thrashing" that seemed to be caused by not enough RAM.

If you are using SONAR 2, there is a download available from the Cakewalk site called DX Manager. This allows you to perform a variety of tasks relating to DirectX plugins - disabling, re-enabling etc.

Difficulties have been reported processing 24-bit audio under Cakewalk Pro Audio 9. However processing in destructive mode seems to work. Once again, if you upgrade to SONAR this problem goes away.

Once user has reported problems running the VST version of Clone Ensemble under SONAR 5. However the DirectX version (which is more "native" to SONAR than VST) worked fine.

If you are running SONAR 6 Producer (64-bit), a user has reported that the Bit Bridge works fine for the VST version of my plugins, but not the DirectX versions.

For SONAR 7, a user has reported that the plugin manager will allow you to insert both synths and effects, whether you call it from the "Insert Synths" menu or the "Process Audio FX" menu. It will mark effects with "FX", but place them in the same list as synths. However they will only be invokable from each track's FX bin (or the Process-> Audio FX menu). This can be confusing at first.

A user has reported that in SONAR 8, Clone Ensemble is found in the "Process VST" folder pulldown, and not the "Effects VST" section. Once again, a bit confusing...

A user has reported that my plugins, like many others, will not on the 64-bit version of Cakewalk Music Creator 4.

Earlier versions of SONAR 3 under 64-bit versions of Windows

I have noticed that the VST versions some of my plugins (eg Alien Solo) fail to load under SONAR 3.1, when running under a 64-bit version of Windows 7. This is fixed by running SONAR in XP-compatibility mode, which you access by right-clicking the shortcut, selecting Properties, then Compatibility.

Cool Edit Pro

I have tested the DirectX versions under Cool Edit Pro, and they work satisfactorily. There will be problems if you try to apply the effect to one channel only of a stereo file.

Cubase VST, Cubase SX & Cubasis VST

I have tested the VST versions under both Cubase VST and Cubase SX, and everything appears OK. However if you want to process a mono track using Clone Ensemble or Bass Chorus as a send effect (rather than an insert effect), you will need to install the Mono->Stereo VST versions, they pop up in the appropriate menu.
Cubase VST lets you use a plugin without displaying its control window. It has been reported that this sometimes causes unpredictable results. Hit the "display" button before processing to avoid this.
Cubase also lets you keep the audio engine "running live" all the time, including plugins. We recommend that you switch this feature off when using our plugins, which you can do by selecting Options/Audio/System and checking the "Enable Audio only during Play" setting.
A user has reported that Clone Ensemble works fine on Cubasis VST (bundled).

64-bit versions of Cubase / Cubasis

All my plugins are 32-bit, please see the section below on jBridge if you are running VST plugins under a 64-bit host application.
Another issue is that 64-bit applications often have far stricter security settings, and occasionally I hear of problems that can be solved by:

Fruity Loops

Users have reported success using the VST versions under FL Studio.
(Make sure that Options / File Settings includes a reference to the folder your VST plugins are stored, then from the mixer's list of effects choose "more..." and click "refresh".)


From a user of Goldwave 5.20:
Goldwave uses DirectX; after installing, re-start/start Goldwave. It will inform you that new plugins have been detected. Choose Options->Plugin->Effect->DirectX and add the new plugin. The plugin can be used as part of an effects chain from Tool->Effect Chain editor menu.


The developer of jBridge has reported success running Clone Ensemble under the 64bit version of Cubase under XP64.

64-bit host applications

All my plugins are 32-bit, some host applications have their own bridging mechanism, but many people find that jBidge is a better solution.
Another issue is that 64-bit applications often have far stricter security settings, and occasionally I hear of problems that can be solved by:

Krystal Audio Engine

Users have reported success using the VST versions under Krystal Audio Engine.


Users have reported that the VST versions run under Logic 4.x.
If you are using Logic 3.x you will need to use the VST version with the Cakewalk / Spin Audio adapter.
Another user has reported that Clone Ensemble VST runs perfectly under Logic Audio Platinum 5.5 on multiple channel inserts - without excessive CPU load. It is recognized and works as a stereo VST insert by Logic.
There are conflicting reports as to whether it works on a mono track, I haven't got to the bottom of that. So if you find that it doesn't appear in the effects list against a mono track, try converting to stereo.
My sympathies go out to all the dedicated Logic PC users who have been abandoned by eMagic after their acquisition by Apple.


Two users have succeeded running the VST version of Clone Ensemble on a Mac under emulation, running Win98 with Connectix Virtual PC 5 and using the shareware app SynthEdit as a VST host. One of them was even able to get it running in real-time (the other could only render .wav files). Amazing.
In 2003 Microsoft acquired Connectix, and Virtual PC 6 for Mac is available from here


Two users have reported success running the DirectX version on N-Track. However you need a stereo track for it to work and this can be accomplished on a mono track by clicking a properties box that says "expand track to stereo".
Update: best if you have version 6.1.2, (or 6.1.1 beta buid 2671) or later, it fixes a bug with the "expand to stereo" feature.)

Nero Ultra Wave Editor

A user has reported success installing the DirectX version of Voice Trap in Nero Ultra.


A user has reported success running both the DirectX and VST versions on Samplitude 2496 Producer. However they could not save presets.

Orion Platinum

Both the DirectX and VST versions work under Orion Platinum.
Saving presets to a .prs file doesn't work in the VST version, but preserving settings in a saved song does. DirectX version works fine.
There has been a report that some versions of Orion will not accept a monophonic VST plugin (like Alien Solo), since it seems not to have the concept of mono tracks. This is not a problem in the latest version on Orion (Platinum, V3.85), you can insert mono effects into a master channel (rather than the usual instrument channel). Simply hit Ctrl+A, then insert the effect where your sound is routed.
However, If you do experience this problem, a two-channel VST version is provided (not stereo, the two channels are identical).
Also, I have been informed that you can only apply the effect to a standard channel, not a multi-out channel


A user has reported success running the DirectX versions under PowerTracks Pro Audio 11. However, there are problems with earlier versions, so perhaps it's time to consider upgrading.


A user has reported that VST versions run on Reaper.

SAW Studio

A user has reported that the DirectX version doesn't show up in the effects list, but the VST version shows up and runs fine.

Presonus Studio One

Users have reported that my plugins work fine under the 32-bit version. For the 64-bit version it may be a little tricker, but I have received reports that it works, using jBridge.

Pro Tools

Several user are successfully running the VST versions of my plugins under various flavours of Pro Tools, using the fxpansion VST-RTAS wrapper. Oooh, the cred!
NB: If you want to process a mono track with Clone Ensemble (and some others) you will need to convert it to stereo first.

Sound Forge 5/6

I have tested the DirectX versions under Sound Forge 5 and 6, and all appears well.

Note: earlier verions of these plugins had two problems under Sound Forge relating to saving and using presets, and ignoring changes you made to controls when processing. These was due to the strict way Sonic Foundrt supports the DirectX "standard", and could be avoided if you used the plugin chainer. I believe the current versions of these plugins do not suffer from these problems.

If you are running earlier versions of Sound Forge, you will need to use the VST version with the Cakewalk / Spin Audio / DirectiXer adapter.


A user has reported that the plugins developed with my DirectX SDK run under Vegas.
Another has reported that the VST versions do not operate correctly, they keep reverting to the original settings, but that the DirectX versions work fine.

Wavelab 3/4

Some time ago I tested the VST versions under Wavelab 3 and they appeared to operate correctly. More recently I have successfully tested the plugins under Wavelab 4, and also received satisfactory reports from users.


DirectX Issues

The most useful utility in the world for DirectX plug-ins is DXMAN, which you can find at You can look at all the DirectX plugins you have installed, examine their properties and uninstall them individually if things go wrong.

You will need Microsoft DirectX, you can find version 8 here if you don't have it already.
NB: some users have experienced problems with Cakewalk and certain DirectX plugins after loading DirectX 8.

VST Issues

Most of the testing I have done is under Cakewalk Pro Audio 9.0. I have tested the plugins on two VST-to-DirectX converters: Cakewalk VST-DX Adapter (previously distributed by fxpansion) and Spin Audio VST-DX Wrapper.

Cakewalk VST-DX Adapter V3:
(Previously distributed by fxpansion, and originally known as Amulet)
++ Works fine, but you must set the "Force Stereo Operation" property when installing Clone Ensemble and Bass Chorus (not necessary for Alien Solo or Water Glass).
++ Supports VST 2, VST instruments and DXi instruments.
++ Registers all your VST plugins as DirectX plugins.

fxpansion VST Adapter (Amulet) V2:
-- I could only get stereo output if I was processing a stereo signal.
++ it supports VST 2 and VST instruments.

Spin Audio:
++ Works fine, producing stereo output from both mono and stereo tracks.
++ It is available as freeware!
-- Two-step loading (freeware version): load the wrapper, load the plugin.

I have also heard of another VST-to-DirectX adapter called DirectiXer. You can find it at the link at the bottom of this page. I don't have any experience with it, but I have heard reports that it works OK. It's not free.

Installing DirectX plugins under Windows Vista

Vista’s beefed-up security system makes it a little trickier to install DirectX plugins than you'd hope.


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