Blind-friendly versions

All Clone Ensemble plugins are available in screen-reader-friendly (text-only, keyboard-driven) versions for the convenience of blind and visually impaired users.

Alien Solo VST (418k)
Alien Solo DirectX (535k)
Bass Chorus VST(176k)
Bass Chorus DirectX (486k)
Bass Phaser VST(174k)
Bass Phaser DirectX (485k)
Clone Ensemble VST (385k)
Clone Ensemble DirectX (531k)
Psycho Toolkit bundle VST (1.6M)
Psycho Toolkit bundle DirectX (3.6M)
Steroid Bouncer VST (180k)
Steroid Bouncer DirectX (492k)
Voice Trap VST (217k)
Voice Trap DirectX (520k)


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