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Creative sound torture

Psycho Toolkit screenshots

Psycho Toolkit is a bundle of plugins that were largely unexpected results of research while developing Clone Ensemble, Alien Solo and Voice Trap. The tools are aimed at sound design rather than mainstream audio production.
Psycho Toolkit includes:

Barnum Preamp - OTT warmth-adding analogizer thingy
Excitable Boy - aural enhancer / exciter that goes too far
Flip Speed - rectification-based and playback speed octave generator with an attitude problem
Metal Demon - death metal vocal effect to defile the purest voice
Sick Puppy - seriously twisted wave-peak analysis distortion generator
Trash Triode - vacuum tube and cheap amp construction kit
Water Glass - noise reduction and texture generation

In the Press

Psycho Toolkit has been featured in Wusic Sound Magazine in Ginno Legaspi's "Beyond the Obvious" column. Read all about it here.


Listen to this MP3 of all Psycho Toolkit plugins in action (452k).
First up you'll hear a really lame multitrack vocal composition. Then you'll hear exacly the same piece again, but this time every track has been processed by one (or more) of the Psycho Toolkit plugins:

  *  Percussion: beefed up with Excitable Boy
  *  Bassline: transposed down and transfored by Flip Speed
  *  Rhythm guitar: pumped through Trash Triode
  *  Lead vocal: corrupted by Metal Demon
  *  Lead guitar: transposed up by Flip Speed then destroyed by Sick Puppy

Is the world ready for a-capella beatbox deathmetal?


Download the DirectX version of Psycho Toolkit now (5.7M).

Download the VST (Windows) version of Psycho Toolkit now (3.8M).

   NB: This is a 32-bit plugin. If you are using a 64-bit host app, you will need a bitbridge. I recommand jBridge.

   NB: This plugin may not work at sample rates of 192 KHz. I recommend using sample rates of 96 KHz or below.

The freeware versions are restricted so that you cannot adjust any of the settings, so you are hardwired to a single preset for each plugin.

Alternatively, you can download it from, where (we are told) it has received some sort of famous award.
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Learn more

More info: Psycho Toolkit User Notes.

Need help installing? Check out Installation Notes.
Will it run under your audio host? Check out Compatibility Notes.

Screen-reader friendly version for blind users available here.


NB: STOP!!! Please download, install and test Psycho Toolkit before registering!

Register your copy of Psycho Toolkit here,
using the secure Share-It service. As soon as your payment of $25 is processed, you'll receive an email with your registration code. Then you can start twiddling the dials.
Both the DirectX and VST versions use the same registration method - if you register one, you've automatically registered the other.
PayPal also accepted - our paypal account is here. When I recieve notification (mentioning which plugin you want to register), I will generate your unlock code and email it. By contrast this happens automatically with the MyCommerce payment processing system.

NB: When entering your registration code:
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Data Privacy

When you register, I keep a copy of all the details you provide - name, email, address, product purchased, along with the unlock code you are sent.
This data is used for one purpose, and one purpose only: to assist you if lose that unlock code (disk crash, new computer, lost email, mists of time). Every few weeks I get an email requesting this service.
About three times (since 2001) I have sent unsolicited emails (aka spam) informing customers of new or updated products, the last time was in 2005 (I think).
This data is securely stored, and I have not (and will not ever), pass this data on to any third party.

Some unsolicited user testimonials:

Change history:
15 September 2010: Version 1.1b - improve registration behaviour in fix face of Windows' increased security features
17 January 2007: Version 1.1a - fix cosmetic problem when displayed on "Large Fonts" (120 DPI) displays
24 April 2006: Version 1.1
    * New skins
    * New plugin added - Barnum Preamp
31 January 2006: Version 1.0a - fix VST "Unique ID" conflicts
27 November 2005: Version 1.0 of bundle released


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