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Realistic ensemble generator

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"Oh give me a clone
Of my own flesh and bone
With the Y-chromosome changed to X
And when it is grown
Then my own little clone
Will be of the opposite sex..."

There is strength in numbers

Whatever line you play or sing, Clone Ensemble will generate a room full of up to 32 of you in unison or octaves. For vocals, you can change the sex of some or all of the voices. You can dial up a classical choir, a tight jazz chorus or an incredibly realistic ADT effect.


Listen to this MP3 of of Clone Ensemble in action (202k).
In the first phrase, you'll hear a solo vocal, in the second I've added Clone Ensemble. For the final phrase I sang four harmony parts and applied Clone Ensemble separately to each. I sang the bass part an octave high, and let Clone Ensemble transpose and deepen it.
A massive 128-voice mixed (male & female) choir from four solo vocal tracks.
See the Music page for more examples.


Download the DirectX version of Clone Ensemble now (1255k).

Download the VST (Windows) version of Clone Ensemble now (1135k).

   NB: This is a 32-bit plugin. If you are using a 64-bit host app, you will need a bitbridge. I recommand jBridge.

   NB: This plugin may not work at sample rates of 192 KHz. I recommend using sample rates of 96 KHz or below.

(Cubase users: use this Mono->Stereo version if you want it to appear in the send effects list for mono tracks.)
The freeware versions are restricted so that you cannot adjust any of the settings, so you are hardwired to a single preset. A special exception to this is the Sex Machine control - you can audition all of the sex change options.

Learn more

More info: Clone Ensemble User Notes.
Will it run under your audio host? Check out Compatibility Notes,
Need help installing? Check out Installation Notes

Screen-reader friendly version for blind users available here.


NB: STOP!!! Please download, install and test Clone Ensemble before registering!

To register your copy of Clone Ensemble, please send $25 to our PayPal account.
When I recieve notification (mentioning which plugin you want to register), I will generate your unlock code and personally email it to you.

NB: When entering your registration code:
  *  Use Copy/Paste, don't try to type it
  *  Please include the "Curly brace" {} characters around the code.

Data Privacy

When you register, I keep a copy of all the details you provide - name, email, address, product purchased, along with the unlock code you are sent.
This data is used for one purpose, and one purpose only: to assist you if lose that unlock code (disk crash, new computer, lost email, mists of time). Every few weeks I get an email requesting this service.
About three times (since 2001) I have sent unsolicited emails (aka spam) informing customers of new or updated products, the last time was in 2005 (I think).
This data is securely stored, and I have not (and will not ever), pass this data on to any third party.

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Change history:
15 September 2010: Version 4.2b - improve registration behaviour in fix face of Windows' increased security features
17 January 2007: Version 4.2a - fix cosmetic problem when displayed on "Large Fonts" (120 DPI) displays
24 April 2006: Version 4.2
    * New skin
    * Slightly lower memory useage
14 April 2005: Version 4.1a - Fix problem of "unison formant shift" applied to "dry" signal.
18 December 2004: Version 4.1 released:
    * Added Varying Dynamics feature (uneven/varying volumes for each clone)
    * Added formant shifting for "unison" (untransposed) clones
    * Added a Gain control for output
2 March 2004: Version 4.0!
    * Added Sex Machine octave/formants transpose feature
    * Added Visual Display Diagram to make it easy to see how settings affect the sound
    * Added a controllable delay to the dry signal so it fits in better with the clones
5 May 2003: Version 3.1b - streamlined some issues with behaviour when registering
16 March 2003: Version 3.1a - fixed problems with VST versions under WaveLab and Logic
11 March 2003: Version 3.1
    * Fixed problems in VST version with presets not updating display controls
    * Fixed problems in DirectX version under Sound Forge
10 February 2002: Version 3.0b - another minor cosmetic fix for Windows XP
27 October 2002: Version 3.0a - minor cosmetic fix for Windows XP
25 September 2002: Version 3.0 released:
    * Vibrato speed control
    * Random vibrato feature
    * Number of clones can go down to one
18 May 2002: Version 2.3 released:
    * Better CPU behaviour processing silence
    * Clearing "tail" when processing stops, so you don't hear it next time you start.
17 November 2001: Version 2.2 released:
    * Added the Mix control, after much pleading from many users
    * Removed the Multitimbre control.
    * Made it louder. (Penalty: may cause clipping on loud square wave synth tracks.)
16 October 2001: Version 2.1 released, cleaner sound on Multitimbre setting.
4 October 2001: Version 2.0!
    * More features for multi-part harmony processing
    * Cleaner sound
    * Runs under more host platforms
8 September 2001: VST versions: fix problems running under WaveLab
    (possibly other Steinberg platforms also, possibly introduced in previous Logic bug fix).
30 August 2001: VST versions: fix problems running under Logic.
26 August 2001: VST versions: added Mono->Stereo version for Cubase convenience.
25 August 2001: VST versions: partial fix for problems under Logic.
20 July 2001: Version 1.2 released, fixed W2K bug
July 2001: Version 1.1 released, improved graphics, DirectX / VST
April 2001: Version 1.0 released, VST only


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