Trevor Magnusson - Resume


My passions are digital audio, acoustics and music;

My talents include developing and maintaining large, complex and reliable software systems;

... wouldn't it be nice to combine them?

Areas of experience:

Technical and scientific computing in areas such as:

  • Time-series data analysis

  • Numerical methods

  • Statistical techniques

  • Digital signal processing

  • Object-oriented design

  • SDLC methodologies

  • Automated testing

Key skills:

Computer programming using tools including:

  • Delphi

  • Python

  • Perl

  • SQL Server / Oracle / ADO / ODBC

  • HTML / Javascript / XML

  • MS Visual Studio.NET / C#

  • Microsoft C++

Personal qualities:

Collaborative team player and/or unsupervised self-starter.

  • Highly organized & productive

  • Leadership / mentoring skills

  • Good communication

  • Focus on reliability

I am currently employed as a Principal Software Developer with Kisters Australia Pty Ltd. in Hobart, Australia, a subsidiary of Kisters AG of Aachen, Germany. This position involves developing software for environmental and hydrological data monitoring, storage, analysis and presentation. As my CV indicates, I have been involved in this segment of the software industry since 1984. In fact, I was one of the two founders of the original HYDSYS software product (now known as Hydstra) which I now maintain.

My experience is therefore more skewed towards technical & scientific computing than commerce-oriented applications. In particular, I very fluent in all aspects of time-series data and its analysis, numerical methods, statistical techniques and digital signal processing.

As I have no formal tertiary qualifications, my education has been from real-world design, development, implementation, marketing, training and mentoring. The business my colleague and I started in Canberra in 1984 grew from a home office enterprise to a 12-person business. In 1993 we won the ACT section of the Small Business Awards for a company of less than 30 employees. In 2001 the business was sold to Hydro Tasmania, and I moved to Hobart to continue working in the new enterprise. In 2003 Hydro Tasmania sold the operation to Kisters AG of Germany.

During my history, I have been involved with design, development, testing, installation & training, customer support and troubleshooting. As the business grew there were times of great pressure, during which a very serious commitment and performance was required. When staff numbers were low we all needed to perform multiple roles. In particular when one team was overseas performing installation and customisation, I was often the key technical support back in Canberra, having to provide solutions to unforeseen problems in a very limited time.

I would describe my personal philosophy of programming as Long Haul Programming, which I define as minimizing the effects of unforeseen change, or future-proofing the system. This has been a necessity for me, since I have am the principal programmer responsible for a 1,000,000 line product (a large proportion of it my own). It has also been shaped by the fact that in its lifetime, this system has run on DOS, a Fujitsu Facom mainframe, Sun UNIX, and MS Windows (with the possibility of .NET and/or Linux in the future). I am particularly proud of the fact that our source stream has never branched - all these different target systems were managed with conditional compilation.

During my time at HYDSYS/Hydstra/Kisters, I have had on-going contact with a large number of industry bodies – government departments, universities, public utilities, contractors, multi-national mines. The people I have dealt with have ranged from hydrographic field officers to IT managers, from academic researchers to top-level management and government officials. I believe I have a reputation across the water resources industry in particular for a friendly, helpful manner and outstanding performance.

As a hobby, I write digital audio processing software “plugins”, and distribute them as shareware via my website, These projects are written in a mixture of C++ (to address the COM interfaces) and Delphi (with which I am more familiar). This explains my interest in DSP. I am also the sole author and webmaster of the website mentioned above.

Copyright 2005 Trevor Magnusson