Trevor Magnusson - Curriculum Vitae


October 2003 to present

Principal Software Developer for Kisters Australia Pty Ltd., a subsidiary of Kisters AG.

In late 2003 Hydro Tasmania (my previous employer) sold the Hydstra group to Kisters AG. My position involves leading the maintenance and enhancement of Hydstra/TS, a 1,000,000-line software product for managing environmental and hydrographic data. This product has around 150 client organizations in Australia and around the world. The job also involves planning for the integration of three streams of legacy products: Hydstra/TS, Hydro Tasmania’s TimeStudio, and Kisters’ WISKI family of products, into a single product line.

During this time my technical experience has been mostly Delphi, with some exposure to C++ and Linux/Java.

2000 to present (out of hours)

Shareware developer and distributor,

My home hobby is digital audio, and this has involved writing “effects plugins” which I have been distributing as shareware.

Tools used include Microsoft Visual Studio C++ and Borland Delphi. The website was originally created with Microsoft FrontPage, but is now hand-coded HTML.

October 2001 to October 2003

Senior technical programming consultant, Hydstra group, Hydro Tasmania

In late 2001 HYDSYS Pty Ltd (my previous employer) was bought by Hydro Tasmania, with the new trading group known as Hydstra, and in January 2002 my family and I moved from Canberra to Hobart. My position involved leading the maintenance and enhancement of the 1,000,000-line Hydstra/TS product. The job also involved providing input into the planning process for a proposed product to merge Hydstra/TS with another Hydro Tasmania legacy product.

During this time my technical experience has been mostly Delphi, with some work in C++ and .NET / C#. Database experience includes Oracle, SQL Server, MS Access and dBase/FoxPro

1989 - October 2001

Senior programmer & director, HYDSYS Pty Ltd.

HYDSYS Pty Ltd was incorporated, and developed from a two-person cottage operation with four clients to an 11-person small business on premises in Weston Creek, Canberra. During this time I was involved in software development, business planning, travel and marketing, installation and training.

These years gave me experience with DOS, Borland “Turbo” Pascal, Ashton-Tate dBase, Fujitsu Facom mainframe, Sun unix & Metaware Pascal, Clipper (the DOS-dbase compiler, not the chip!) and Microsoft Windows and Borland Delphi.

1987 – 1989

Programmer, self-employed

During these years Peter Heweston and I developed HYDSYS, also providing contract services to the Commonwealth Department of Territories. We began to market HYDSYS to other water resource organizations around Australia.

During this time I was mostly using DOS & Borland “Turbo” Pascal.

Mid 1985 – 1986

Programming consultant, Commonwealth Department of Housing & Construction

(Later known as Commonwealth Department of Territories)
My supervisors in the department promoted me from data processing to full-time programming, and another consultant Peter Heweston and I began developing the hydrological software package that would later be known as HYDSYS.

Mid 1984 – Mid 1985

Data processing contractor, Commonwealth Department of Housing & Construction

This contract position involved processing hydrological data for the ACT. During this time IBM PCs started to make appearances around offices all over Australia, and my natural programming skills were noticed.

Mid 1982 – Mid 1984

Storeman, Sanitarium Health Foods

In mid 1982 I moved from Cooranbong NSW to Canberra, and worked for two years as a storeman at the Fyshwick warehouse of the Sanitarium Health Foods company. My work involved planning and maintaining inventory of foods, managing the lifetime of perishable items, and managing a staff of up to 12 packers supplying the four retail outlets then operating in the ACT. During this time I built a reputation of a reliable hard worker and an organized planner.

Mid 1981 – Mid 1982

Measurement contractor, Zee Screens Pty Ltd.

I worked a year for a window and door screening company in Cooranbong, traveling all over the NSW’s Hunter Valley. The job involved measuring windows and doors for screens and security doors, and also some sales work. It is fair to say that I was not outstanding at either aspect of this job.

Early 1981

Tertiary studies at Avondale College

Avondale was a small CAE (now a university) in Cooranbong NSW run by the Seventh Day Adventist church. My intention was to do a year of general subjects, then switch to an electrical engineering at the University of Newcastle (for which I had been accepted). However for various personal reasons both these plans were abandoned.


High School Certificate, Avondale High School

I achieved a score of 385 (from a possible 500) in the NSW HSC. Avondale High School is a small private school in Cooranbong NSW run by the Seventh Day Adventist church.

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