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Pitchfork is a free piano tuning application designed to let you perform "touch up" piano tuning. It is not intended to replace the services of a professional piano tuner, but it may let you extend the time between tunings. Extensive research has been done to allow it to detect the pitch of bass notes on smaller pianos, which are famously lacking in "fundamental".


NB: read this first!
You must have a tuning hammer and dampers, and be familiar with the basic mechanics of piano tuning to use this software.
Download Pitchfork now (521k).


The Sensitivity dial controls how sensitive your microphone is.
Pitchfork uses the Windows "Default" microphone, which you can choose in Control Panel / Sound / Recording.
Adjust it so that ambient noise is "below" the red threshold line, but piano notes are above it.

The Stretch Presets buttons choose a stretch tuning template for most common piano types.
Choose the model that best describes your piano.

The Stretch Apply dial lets you adjust the strength of your chosen stretch template, in percent.
100% is generally best

Change history:
26 March 2015: Version 1.1 - allow it to work in countries where the decimal separator is a comma
2 November 2014: Initial release


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