Delphi DirectX SDK V4


If you've wanted to develop DirectX plug-ins using Borland Delphi, you're going to love this!

After writing the Clone Ensemble and Bass Chorus VST plugins in Delphi, I wanted to port them to DirectX. I could not find any Delphi DirectX SDKs on the web, so I decided to develop my own.

If you are fluent in C++, you should check out the Cakewalk DirectX Wizard. If you want to dig in further, the Sony Audio Plugin Development Kit (formerly known as Sonic Foundry PIDK) has lots of valuable doco and sample code. Finally, the DirectX SDK that Microsoft ships with MSDN is the ultimate resource, where you can see the C++ source code for the DirectShow filter classes.

However, if you would prefer to use Delphi and avoid messing around with COM and the DirectShow interfaces, the DDX SDK V4 is for you.

Download the Delphi DirectX SDK V4 (490k)

(If you are interested in programming VST or ASIO in Delphi, check out Frederic Vanmol's site at www.axiworld.be).

Change history:
2003/05/08: Oops, forgot to include a very important file in the zip! Fixed.
2003/03/15: Version 4 released
    * Added "dirty bit" control, fixes problems running under Sound Forge
    * Number of parameter increased to 32
2002/05/17: Version 3 released
    * Added StartTransform and StopTransform methods
       (so "tails" of one run won't sound at the start of the next)
2001/11/15: Fixed a problem with installation if the dll & path was longer than 60 chars
2001/10/05: Version 2 released!
    * Proxy server redeveloped from scratch, based on an in-place filter.
    * Faster performance.
    * Plugins run under more host platforms.
    * No more archaic "property page sizing scheme".
2001/07/20: Reworked the property page sizing scheme so that it works on W2K
2001/06/22: Fixed problem opening/closing property form several times (different tracks)
2001/06/16: Fixed problem opening/closing property form several times (single track)
2001/06/13: Fixed a memory leak with disposing forms
2001/06/06: Introduced co-naming scheme so plugin DLLs can have different filenames
2001/06/04: First release


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