Hi-Hat Choker


Choker (175k) is very simple MIDI filter to provide hi-hat choking for samplers that do not provide this feature (eg Gigasampler 64).

When you hit the open hi-hat (note #46) it delays the note-off until it next encounters a pedal hi-hat (note #44) or closed hi-hat (note #42). This allows you to play and record realistic hi-hat tracks without having to manually hold down the open hi-hat note, and release it when you play a closed hi-hat.

You must have Hubi's MIDI Loopback device installed, as Choker reads from your MIDI input and writes to a MIDI output. If you select a loopback device as the output, you can then select that same device as the input to Gigasampler or your sequencer.


All content and software Copyright 2007 Trevor Magnusson